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We are licensed as general contractor and real estate broker 



Real Estate 


FIT IN BUDGET COMPNAY is a real estate investment company that specializes in residential custom flipping as well as new construction services. The company’s main goal is to provide reasonable and good quality custom living for real estate buyers. Alex and Irina Tsaruk are working hard to reach this goal.

Alex is a real estate genius with custom design and construction experience. Irina is a professional manager. Alex handles everything from purchasing to reselling, and Irina handles all of the administrative work.

FIT IN BUDGET (FIB) is all about the real estate. We are a unique business in the state of Washington that inspires people to take ownership of their spaces and create value where they are residing.

FIB was established by two local entrepreneurs who have always wanted to turn decent real estate properties into more beautiful places, one property at a time. No matter if you are a homeowner or investor, our passion is to inspire you to own your unique, custom space.

In 2005, Alex and Irina Tsaruk founded a small construction company that has been successfully helping local homeowners to turn their dreams into realities. Later, both of them obtained their bachelor degrees. Finally, when they had acquired the necessary knowledge and licenses, they started this company to realize their vision.


  • Alex graduated from Bellevue College with his Associate of Accounting degree. In addition, he attended the National Paralegal College and achieved his Associate of Paralegal degree and Bachelor of Science degree in legal studies. Now, Alex is a licensed real estate broker who is dedicated to fulfilling FIT IN BUDGET’s goal.


  • Irina graduated from Kirkland Technical College where she successfully finished her Associate of Medical degree. Moreover, she attended the University of Phoenix and achieved her Bachelor of Human Recourses Management degree. Now, Irina is managing FIT IN BUDGET.  

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