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We are licensed as general contractor and real estate broker 



Whether you are an existing homeowner or a new home buyer, our job is to make sure that your dream becomes reality. In this way, we are certain that you will be pleased and satisfied. What can be better than enjoying your true dream home?


Existing Homeowner: Our job is to help you to update your property the way you desire, and at the same time, not to go over your fair budget. We will assist you in finding the right solutions for your kitchen, bathroom, deck, home exterior, and more. 

New Home Buyer: With us, you will get full service. With each property, we will provide you with a sound estimate of the purchase price and fixing costs so that you can decide on the property's affordability. By knowing in advance how much you will need to spend to purchase and customize the house, you can achieve your dream home without the risk of harming yourself. Overall, we will help you to find and purchase the house that will fit your purchase price and the fixing budget as well. 



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